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The Accidental ManagerTM Story - It All Started With A ‘Wave’- When you started working, did you plan on being responsible for managing projects and people? If you’re like most of us, you did well at your job and grew into a position with management responsibilities. You need skills, insight, and tools to help you be an excellent manager. Read further to learn more about the benefits you receive from this training.

How To Catch & Ride A Wave - Southern California is known for its beaches and surfing. If you take a surfing class, you'll be taught everything you need to know about surfing: how to choose the right equipment; how to use it properly; how to recognize a "surfable" wave; how to catch a wave and ride it as long as possible; and, most importantly, how to get off a wave without wiping out.

It’s Not Easy...Mastery Of Certain Skills Is Required - Watching surfers from the shore riding waves looks pretty easy. Actually, it is quite difficult and requires great skill and balance. Riding the "management" wave isn't easy either. It takes more than desire or even dedication; it takes insight, patience, skill, faith, and most of all: balance. Managing, like surfing, may look easy to the uninitiated but it isn't. It requires mastery of certain skills!

Achieving Mastery - The founders of The Accidental ManagerTM spent years researching how top industry leaders & experts - in the private and government sectors - were able to master the skills needed to catch and ride the waves to project, leadership, and life success. This research lead to the creation of The Accidental ManagerTM.

The Accidental ManagerTM founders learned the mastery skills needed to achieve breakthroughs in performance. They learned to use the right equipment to ride those waves & they learned the importance of balance. They also learned to get off dying waves whenever they sensed the winds of change.

Helping Others Achieve Mastery - The amazing thing is this: the more skilled they become in riding the management waves the more effective and efficient they became. And they are dedicated to helping other managers achieve the same breakthrough performances.

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